You can use these upside down characters in Word or most applications that have a richedit control by entering in that c

2. Use a combination of letters and numbers to spell words. In hexadecimal mode.

you will have the letters A.



and F You can also use the for

Typing Upside Use an online tool Search online for an upside down text generator
or visit Type into the text box.


The Option key is in between the Command and the Alt key on the bottom of your keyboard. 2. Type Alt.

0191. Make sure your cursor is in the right spot.

then hold .

3 Make a mirror code Take writing upside down one step further with a small hand mirror Hold the mirror at degree an
facing you. Now try writing such that your words are legible in the mirror. Your text will be not only upside down.

but backwards.

and will require a mirror to read easily..

How to Type Upside Down Letters And Mirror Words Tutorial Link used http This tutorial will apply for computers.



If I happened to be bored in a maths class.

typed. 1134.

turned my calculator upside down and slid it across to a friend I wouldn t get so much as a smile The numbers look too

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Update Word Cloud. If you want to write sideways.

use the Word Salad Word Jumble Maker app. Word Salad is available for iOS. You will find reviews of the Best Word Cloud generators that will let you make upside down text here Best Word Cloud Generator..

These occur when a letter is written backwards or upside down. This is also known as “mirror writing. ” The most common letter reversals during a child’s developmental years are with the letters b.


and q. It’s important to remember that lots of children who reverse letters before don’t ultimately have dyslexia..

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Select “Rotate.”. OR. Select the rotation handle at the top of the text box. Drag it to rotate the box or hold the “Shift’ button while dragging to keep rotation degree angles. You .

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